Part 2 : Junk Unit had secrets to hide we did not see great for e…

Well we ended buying a estate sale companies locker when we were already drooling over the shipping supplies. Sad part we are not reselling most of the jewlery as I can not recover it from Mrs Wizard.

We are Modern Day Treasure Hunters Hunting for relic gold diamonds silver and anything else we can resell to make a Good Profit. We Buy Abandoned Storage Units and We buy #Amazon #Walmart target and other corporate store Customer #Returns Pallets. We have found over Items from the 9th century and we have found tons of Gold We have done stupid things and we at times Lost our Money we Everyday Is new Hustle and We will Take our share of Enjoy the channel and have a peak into other people lives and clues on not what to do so we cant buy and sell your stuff for cheap.

Visit our New Channel Store on eBay where you can buy Items from Most of the Units seen on the channel.

We Purchase #Amazon , Walmart, Target, Newegg, Lowes, Home Depot, BestBuy and Corporate Liquidations pallets, Lots and Truckloads as a business to resell on all the online platforms and through our own resources.

When we go broke buying liquidations, we try Treasure Hunting with #Storage #Auctions from & Live Storage Auctions.

We though of sharing some of the unboxing with the online community. If you have any questions Please post in the comments.

We reply to all questions. If you like to see more please like and subscribe so we can share more of what we do.

If you would like to buy anything that you see or have suggestion/questions, please feel free to
contact us:

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Home Page

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