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Track Website Traffic For Explosive Affiliate Income… Website Traffic For Explosive Affiliate Income “How to” series getting free traffic : SEO, RSS, Articles Writing and Submission, Video Marketing, Web 2.0, Yahoo Answers, StumpleUpon, Social bookmarks and Traffic tracking. IMPORTANT READ TEXT BELOW AS WELL

Video 10 is about using Free Traffic Tracking.
These videos aim to show any newbie and even the more experienced all the possible ways of generating free traffic that has been proven to work. Not all marketers use all the methods and many only focus on 2 or 3 strategies.

These videos are not promotion but are aimed at providing insight into free traffic methods you can explore.

Forget about the bullshit the ninjas and guru promote about instant and millions of free traffic in an instant, it does not exist

You have to choose, or decide on a traffic generation method, implement it and get good at it. If one strategy does not work for you, try another. Some methods are more successful in some niche markets than others.

There are also the Social Networking strategies that involve FaceBook and Twitter and MySpace.

Video10 is about Free Traffic Tracking. Targeted traffic is what we are all after. Targeted traffic is traffic that in all likely hood is ‘buying” traffic. When we have implemented some of the preceding free traffic strategies, and start enjoying fee traffic, we need to know where this traffic originates from.

Even if you are using only one strategy, you still need to know how visitors are moving around on your site and where they are clicking.

This is where Google analytics provides a powerful free tool that is able to track and report on the every move a site visitor makes on our site. Armed with this information we are able to tweak and change strategies depending on what the analysis reveals.

Again with WordPress, installing this code is as easy as typing your name9well not that simple but not complicated either).

There is still the off page factor like linking. This is where I have a massive gift for you.


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