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Secrets To Keeping Your Dirt Bike Looking New!…

★Pryme MX Cleaning Pad
★Maxima Oils

★Supplies Used In Video
Pryme MX Cleaning Pad
Ryobi Pressure Washer
ASV Y Handle
Air Box Wash Cap
Muffler Plug
Dirt Bike Stand
Drying Towel
Maxima Bio Wash
Maxima Clean Up
Maxima MPPL
Maxima Chain Guard
Maxima SC1
Air Filter
Air Filter Skin
CR125 Graphics

What does it take to keep your dirt bike looking new? I share my secrets!

★Business/Social Media
Pryme MX
ReVive Moto

★Tools & Products I Use

★Camera Equipment
Canon 80D
GoPro Hero 6
DJI Ronin Gimbal


Track Richie – Apart 2017

★Looking for a way to support the channel?
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