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Necron Conversion Ideas – Heavy Destroyer Conversion…

In today’s table down hobby vlog video, I hope to give you some Necron Conversion Ideas as I do a Necron Heavy Destroyer Conversion. I got some old school Necron Destroyers from eBay but want to change the guns as I don’t think they fit into my army as much as I would like them to.

Hopefully my thought process and conversion ideas will inspire you with some of your Necron units and Conversions

Watch me Convert a Necron Cloak Cryptek Here:

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See me convert a Tomb Blade here:–ndwRSYc

Heavy Destroyers Vs Destroyers:

Heavy Destroyers Vs Doomsday Arks:

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My Channel is all about Warhammer 40,000. The content on it will include 40k Battle Reports, Army Lists, Conversions, Magnetising tutorials, Painting tutorials, 40k Tactics and lots of General Hobby Tips. I have been into the hobby since 2001 and my first and largest army is Necrons and I cover a lot of Necron tactics here on the Channel. I also have an Eldar army, Dark Eldar army, Tyranids and Space Wolves. I am currently working on a new Slaanesh based Emperor’s Children army. I upload videos every week.

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