Make Money on eBay by Selling Used Toilet Paper Rolls…

Check Ebay’s Toilet Paper Inventory Here:

This may be a crappy idea but hey, it’s an idea none the less. While trying to think of crafts to do with my kids, I ran across some ideas using used/empty toilet paper rolls. I couldn’t believe all the possibilities. Not only did I find craft projects for the kids but some adults even create beautiful contemporary/abstract art pieces for the home designing needs. Check out the links above and get your creative juices flowing.

As for making money with these items, I found you can actually sell them on eBay. The people interesting in purchase these used rolls are teachers, parents and decorators. It’s amazing the uses people can get out of them. Sometimes they don’t have enough and are embarrassed to ask friends and family for their used toilet paper rolls. Do you blame them? Check out the link below to see the most recent completed/sold listings. Good luck!

Toilet Paper Rolls Sold on eBay:


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