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Increase Your Income As a KaratBars Affiliate: KaratBars Dual Sys…

KaratBars has the strongest compensation plan among all the affiliate programs over the internet. You make money through your KaratBars affiliate program through several different ways. You can make money as a free affiliate, but if you pick a package, you can make money through the Dual System too. For example, you can make 20% commissions on selling the packages and €80 when you complete a cycle, if you pick a VIP package.

There are 4 main KaratBars packages:
1) VIP Package
2) Gold Package
3) Silver Package
4) Bronze Package

There are some higher packages too, but they don’t increase your commissions and they are just to receive more items like watch, sun glasses and… with your package.

I started with a VIP package because I wanted to maximize the KaratBars compensation plan and have the highest possible income. I didn’t want to leave any money on the table. So, I didn’t refer anybody to KaratBars before I picked a VIP package.


As I explained, KaratBars has the strongest compensation plan among all the other affiliate programs you can see over the Internet. Are you ready to start making money and residual income with KaratBars?

With the help of The LuckScout Fully-Automated System, you will start making money while you won’t have to work even one minute per day.

Please refer to my website and submit your email address through the form I have placed on the home page. Then, I will send you the instructions to sign up for an account and start your work:

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