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How to Make a Small Business Website for Beginners…

Are you thinking of making a new small business website? In this post, a detailed step by step guide is provided on creating a website for businesses and individuals in the easiest way without having any technical background.

Generally, beginners find creating a small business website complicated and expensive. Well, not a problem now. Making your own website is no longer a difficult task. You can utilize your minimum resources and can easily turn your traffic into the profit-generating audience.

However, before you start creating your website, you must figure out the reasons for building the website.  You can check our article on Why you need a website?

Mentioned below a detailed and exhaustive an easy step by step guide to creating a business website.

Steps For Creating a Small Business Website

Here are the few steps that can guide you to make a small business website efficiently and in no time without any coding experience for beginners.

  1. Choose and Register your Small Business Website Name:

The most important and very first step in making your small business website is to choose a unique domain name for your web. For example www.

However, first, you need to search for a specific domain name. You can enter the domain name in the search box of Siteground and check the availability of domain names. If it redirects you to the registration page, this means the domain name is available.

Moreover, if a .COM domain is available; then it’s better to choose it as most of the visitors’ use.COM. If you don’t find any.COM domain, try to add some suffix like .NET or .INFO for searching an alternative one.

  • Tips for Finding your Small business Website Domain

Here are the few tips for finding your business domains, if your business or product name is already taken.

  • Try to use words that visitors most likely to use for searching on the internet.
  • Domain names should be simple, unique and easy to pronounce.
  • You can use location to find unique URL.
  1. Registering a Domain For Your Small Website

Once your domain name is decided, you will need to register your chosen domain to make sure no one else can claim it now instead you. However, if you are looking for registering your domain, we recommend you Namecheap since it is the cheapest and professional option-$10.69 per year.

It’s better to build your responsive website using WordPress as it is simple, easy to use and gives friendly-interface. You can save much money with their hosting package. It offers you domain name, website hosting and business email address in just $3.95 per month.

Note: You can visit for understanding each step on by one.

  1. Choose right platform for Your Small Business Website

The second step is to choose the right platform that best suits you. Everything depends on how much do you have, how much you want to pay and what are your basic requirements of your business.

Our Recommendation in Choosing the Best Platform for a Small Business Website

  • Create website using WordPress

It’s better to create your small business website using WordPress. It is the best option if you technologically comprehend. WordPress offers countless features to its users. If you are new in blogging, then it’s the right choice for you. WordPress offers countless plugins and other advanced features.

You need to know that WordPress is an intermediate website development platform. It’s mean you do not need to have comprehensive knowledge of programming. Everything will be done in the backend. Furthermore, it offers you many options. You can organize unlimited pages and much more things.

However, if you are looking for the best WordPress plan, Siteground is the right choice. You can get everything in $3.95 per month with advanced features.

Other options for creating a small business website

Wix is another free option for the businessman who wants to create a responsive, highly mobile optimize the website in less or no time. It offers its customers with thousands of attractive templates. You don’t need any extra skill for working with Wix. Just pick up a template and do changes according to your requirements.

  • Weebly is another popular option if you are a very busy business owner and less technologically equipped. There are many options available for you which you can use to create a responsive website in less time. It offers tons of mobile customized templates. You can use these templates and can customize them according to your choice. It will cost you a bit more, but at the same time will help you to have a responsive running website.
  1. Outline Your Small Business Website Content

However, your next step is, to sum up, all the content that you are going to put on your website. We know that this is the most challenging step every website owner find.  However, you don’t need to think about it.

The small business website should look simple, with less content and more call to action buttons like Contact us, call us etc.

However, small business websites should follow the standard format. The responsive website should have 4 essential pages:


This page should have your business name and information about your services that you are offering. It should include few punching lines that why customers choose you.

Product/ services:

On this page, you need to add complete information regarding your product or services. However, this should include the membership plans with pricing.

About us:

Here you need to add your business background. Tell the audience about your business history. Try to add testimonial as this will help your small business to show its credibility.

Contact us:

This page should have all the contact information for contacting you. Email, Phone number, email address and other forms. You should add Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts on this page.

  1. Decide on Your Business Logo

The next step is to decide a logo for your small business. If you are already using something in the offline world, then it’s perfect. Otherwise, try to add something unique to your website.

The font, colors and styling matter a lot in deciding on your logo. There should be a balance between a logo and the different pages of your website.

If you are proficient enough and think can create something attractive and creating, then go for it. are many platforms where you can get professional logo designing services. You can prefer as it is the top-rated platform for getting professional work. is another platform which you can consider. This platform is based on contests. That’s mean you can get multiple professional logo ideas and choose the right one for business.

  1. Design your Small Business Website

Finally, you have gathered all the necessary elements of making a small business website. However, now it’s time to put all these ingredients on a plate.

It is often said that your website loading time decides whether to stay on it or leave it.

A standard loading time for a website is 3 seconds.  This is the time that decides whether to convert your traffic into a lead or not.

A business website should have clear navigation for customers to understand. There should provide enough information about your business so that people can learn about your business.

  • Use call to action buttons:

Use a call to action buttons as much as you can. This will instantly attract your audience’s eyes and will force them to take action.

  • Make sure your website loading speed is optimized:

It’s very important for your business growth that the loading speed of your website is optimized. The visitors don’t want to wait for the thing that they want to know immediately.

  • Keep it minimal and simple:

Please don’t overload your website with unnecessary items. So make it simple, easy to navigate and user-friendly. The web design should be simple and should convey the central idea of your business.

Final words:

Siteground is the platform where you can get everything under one roof. Our all sites are hosted here. As of today, we are satisfied with them especially their customer service which after years of experience, the most important factor in hosting services. In addition to this, it offers everything in cheap rates. Even its basic package offers advanced features and functionalities in just $3.95 per month. So don’t wait for more; it’s time to take a step.

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