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How to Generate Income as a “Bluehost Affiliate”… – So, on episode 085 of the podcast I shared an experience I had not long ago with a friend that helped me generate about $70 in referral commissions and talked about why there was no reason you could not do the same.

About a month ago a friend from college who wanted to set up her own website called me and asked if I would help her. Of course, I did. I spent about 45 minutes to an hour on the phone with her and explained that she had to get a Domain and Hosting account, to which I recommend Bluehost since this is what I use, and also told her that she would want to build an email list. I also explained the strategy and mindset behind that and why I chose Aweber.

After our call, I told her that if she decided to go with Bluehost and Aweber, I would appreciate if she could use my links and that would help me out. Of course, she was glad to help me out since I had also helped her and she did.

Well, that hour on the phone with her netted me a little over $70.

I created this video because I know that some people want to start a business of some kind, online, but are super skeptical of the fact that they can make some money online.

In this video, I show you exactly how you can become an affiliate of not just Bluehost, but also Aweber and how you can use your unique links you’ll get to set them up on your own blog so that you can start driving people to those pages and start generating some income yourself.

For details, don’t forget to visit the podcast show notes over at

Of course, if you want to help me out, I would also appreciate if you use my Affiliate links to get your domain and other services, by going to my Resources page at:

Enjoy and let me know if this video helps you get started and starts generating you income!


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