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How to buy Orchids from ebay successfully…

Apart from the online nurseries and local garden centers, orchid growers buy orchids from ebay. We find great variety and sometimes good prices, but sometimes we have some really bad experiences. here is what you should know before buying an orchid.
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This is a pretty long discussion, so to summarize it in a few lines, it’s always good to go for listings that show the plants you will receive in separate pictures. A google picture of the bloom helps us decide if we like the orchid, but additional photos should weigh more in your decision. Description of the orchid should always be present, as it can give information about the size, or even transport and packaging. If you are not sure if the plant is what it should be, or if you can provide adequate conditions for it, google is your friend so a little research helps a lot.

Sellers should have as less negative feedback as possible, but always read what the negative comments say, it might be absolutely irrelevant and unfounded. Look at the location of the seller, where he ships to and the shipping method, to know if the orchid will arrive fast to you, or if it might not reach you at all.

Buy it now’s listings will grant you the orchid instantly if you pay, auctions are different and you will compete with other potential buyers. Here is a more detailed guide of how they work

Stay away from scams, what has the title rare is most probably not rare. orchid seeds are most probably scams. People who sell electronics and 1 orchid might have mistreated the orchid or have no idea how to ship it properly. Look out for seedlings or backbulbs, if they are not what you want, you need to know beforehand.

If you ever have questions always ask the sellers, don’t buy things and then remember you don’t want an orchid because it might not have flowers. Good luck! 😉
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