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Here's How Much Your old iPhone Could Fetch on eBay Today…

If you upgrade your iPhone every two or three years then chances are you may have one or two old models lying around the house.

After all, the iPhone has now been around for ten years and we’ve seen a new version every year since 2007 .

But just because the iPhone 7 is the latest and greatest, doesn’t mean that older models haven’t kept their value.

In fact, according to eBay, 835,000 searches were made for iPhones last year alone.

And even ten years after the first one arrived, the average price of a second hand iPhone on the auction site is an impressive £250 .

That’s all while the newer iPhones have gone up and up in price. While the current iPhone 7 Plus starts at £719 the original model launched at a much more affordable £235.

iPhone costs

If you’re going to try and get some money for your old iPhone, then eBay says the best time to end the auction is on a Sunday evening between 9pm and 11pm. Statistically, that’s when the most people are browsing the site looking for phones or accessories.

And when it comes to the most popular iPhone, 2013’s colourful iPhone 5C is the winner. It’s received more than 35 million eBay searches in the last three years. The next one down on the list is the iPhone 6.

“Over the years we have seen the popularity of this iconic piece of tech grow exponentially, from customers checking the sale price they’d get for their old phone as new versions are released to snapping up the huge selection of unlocked, new products available,” said Murray Lambell, the senior director for UK trading at eBay said. took a look at what older models were changing hands for on and found you can pick up an iPhone 5 for around £116, an iPhone 4 for £56 or a 3Gs for £25.

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