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eBay’s Platform is Powered by AI and Fueled by Customer Input…

Artificial intelligence touches every experience within eBay. It is woven into all aspects of the eBay marketplace, anticipating the needs and wants of buyers and sellers, inspiring shoppers on the hunt for something special, empowering entrepreneurs looking to grow their business, and making the platform more accessible to everyone. 

Being one of the most trusted, democratized, global marketplaces means navigating additional layers of complexity. eBay does not have its own storefronts, warehouses or delivery channels. We don’t own inventory. We use AI to provide structure in a non-structured world made up of millions of buyers and sellers across 190 markets, interacting with 1.2 billion listings.

Within that challenge lies our advantage. We have over two decades of data and customer insights that we use to train our algorithms and make our AI smarter. Every time a user interacts with the marketplace, the AI learns and provides feedback so we can create a better experience.The advances have been accelerated by developments in deep learning that allows us — and others — to make longer strides in how we process data.

eBay develops and deploys AI at scale to evolve the experience on our platform through computer vision, recommendation systems, machine translation, natural language processing, search, personalization, insights and discovery.

Creating Highly Personalized and Inspiring Shopping Experiences

eBay isn’t the same site it used to be. Over the last few years, we’ve worked to make our shopping experience more relevant to every shopper’s needs, whether customers are looking to discover, be inspired, find a specific item or just browse. AI has become the key to understanding buyer behavior and removing friction to ensure we’re serving up the best experiences.