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eBay Tips & Tricks | Is RESELLER BURNOUT Costing You SALES PR…

eBay Tips & Tricks | Is RESELLER BURNOUT Costing You SALES PROFITS?

Reselling. it’s all about creating the life that you love

What is it? The bettering or improving of your personal environment and surroundings.

Make it the way you like it

Start with The thing that you hate doing the most and Resellinbusiness.

Maybe your office.

Maybe you want to start with your car.

Maybe your inventory management system.

The first step is getting a current rating of the situation. Hence too. It to rating is very low just about that one. Meaning it is not very enjoyable. We want to make the experience better. I want to increase it to a 10 ultimately. That way the activity would be more enjoyable

The next step is figuring out ways to improve the situation. We will start with easy and then build up, making the situation better and better with each addition or removal of any particular surrounding. Or situation. Or changing there of.

Whatever it is look at it and figure out one way that you could bring it from eight up to maybe at three or four rating. Don’t try to get to a 10 with your first improvement. It takes usually takes many improvements to reach the 10 level.

The major areas you want to apply this to our listing shipping picturing shopping or gathering inventory and your personal office space. These things can be improved in many innumerable ways to fit your particular needs and or liking.

Making these small incremental changes over time will increase the quality of your life tremendously. This can be applied not only to your professional but also to your personal life and in any situation or area in which you currently struggle staying motivated in.

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