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EBAY POWERSELLER GIVES AWAY TIPS… : UPDATE NOV. 2013 – Due to the HUGE amount of spam on this video, I have set comments to be approved before posted. Please do continue to ask any questions you have!

How to sell on ebay and selling on ebay are the topics I begin to cover in this video. Be sure to subscribe to get any new tips I plan to share.

You can make a little extra to pay a bill, or pay off debt…or do it full time.

Selling online is NOT difficult or mysterious. Just start small and take it slow.

I am an ebay powerseller, and these are my tips for anyone who is just getting started.

Start – 0:40 What I will share in this video.
0:41 – 1:19 How I got started and what it was like
1:20 – 1:36 What used to sell on eBay
1:37 – 3:20 What eBay is now
3:21 – 4:45 What I sell on Amazon
4:46 – 5:08 Where customers like to buy
5:09 to 5:40 Holiday selling rules
5:41 – 6:20 Other online selling venues
6:21 – 6:53 Things to consider when pricing
6:54 – 9:19 Retail arbitrage examples and tips
9:20 – end What my favorite inventory source is so far

Thank you for watching this video!

WesleyGW | Renaissance Woman | Single Mom | Empty Nester | GenXer | Native Texan


For MAILING ADDRESS (and business inquires):

WesleyGW is a Single Mom with a Singular Son on a Single Mission…To GET REAL about living each day in a REAL way!

Her motto is “To help Whomever I can, Whenever I can, However I can…so…how can I help YOU today?”

She hopes to inspire people to Live Large, Live Fun, and LIVE REAL!

WesleyGW is a Lifestyle Designer. She goes beyond being just a Coach for Life and Business. Her advice, tips, and guidance have helped people from all walks of life: corporate giants to stay-at-home moms, students to stock brokers.

Never one to follow trends, WesleyGW sets trends.

Self titled a “Dichotomy Personified”, WesleyGW is sure to offer advice and encouragement, all while lighting a fire under your bum!

FTC DISCLAIMER/DISCLOSURE: Unless noted otherwise above, WesleyGW was not compensated for her opinions/reviews in this video. The opinions are her own based on her personal experience. Results may vary and are not typical for all who try products, services, or techniques mentioned.

Have a Delicious, Delightful, Delirious Day!


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