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eBay is Trolling Amazon Over Last Year's Prime Day Outage Wi…

eBay has announced a “Crash Sale” to rival Amazon’s Prime Day, with the promise of extra deals if Amazon crashes again like last year.

Amazon crashed for over an hour at the beginning of its 2018 Prime Day: error messages appeared on web pages, and customers encountered issues with placing items in their carts. Despite this, Amazon had record sales of $4.2 billion in the 36 hours of Prime Day, according to Wedbush Securities Inc. analyst Michael Pachter. This was the company’s highest single sales day until Cyber Monday a few months later in November 2018.

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The eBay Crash Sale will run on July 15, overlapping with the first day of Amazon’s now 48-hour Prime Day.

eBay’s biggest troll is announcing “a fresh batch of too-good-to-be-true deals that will drop if Amazon crashes.” Meaning, eBay’s sale will roll out additional deals if, and only if, Amazon has a similar outage to last year.

eBay is also positioning itself as competitive to Amazon Prime in its free shipping, no membership, and “best price guarantee” that ensures that shoppers who find their eBay Deal item being sold at a competitor for a lower price within 48 hours of their purchase will be paid 110% of the price difference back by eBay.

But eBay isn’t the only retailer stepping up to compete with Amazon in July. Nordstrom’s annual anniversary sale begins early access for members on July 12 and public access on July 19. Walmart will be running sales July 14 through 17, and Target’s Deal Days is the exact timeframe of Prime Day. This confluence of major online retailer sales is turning mid-July into a summer Cyber Monday.

“July has become a massive shopping season,” said eBay COO Jay Hanson in the Crash Sale press release.

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