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eBay Collectibles! | ADVANCED eBay Tips, Secrets + More! – Toy Pi…

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One video of eBay’s tips just wasn’t good enough! Jesse and Nicky present their pro tips on how to score your next collectible off of eBay!
For all things collectible, visit eBay’s new COLLECTIBLES page!

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A special thanks to eBay for allowing us to do this video! Be sure to check out eBay!
eBay’s collectibles page is a great place to find Star Wars, LEGO, big brands and even lesser known collectibles that might be difficult finding.
Be sure to dig deep using our tips from all of our eBay videos!

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Directed by: Jesse DeStasio and Nicholas Fung
Written by: Nicholas Fung and Jesse DeStasio
Edited by: Nicholas Fung
Graphics by: Tiffany Smalley
Motion Graphics by: Nicholas Fung
Camera Work by: Nicholas Fung

Select music samples by: Best Fwends
Anthony Davis & Dustin Pilkington
Original Music by: Cade Hiser

Additional Music by:

Music provided by Epidemic Sound:
ES_Android Dreams Nr 4 – Jack Elphick
ES_Tunnel Vision 1 – Jack Elphick
ES_Salamander – Jack Elphick

Toy Pizza is your headquarters for all things toys & collectibles. Toy Pizza was born from three friends arguing about what the greatest action figure ever is. Hosts Cade Hiser AKA “Arcade”, Jesse DeStasio AKA “Destasablog”, and Nicky Fung AKA “Nick Nicky” take you on a tour-de-force blitzkrieg of all plastic playthings!

Special Thanks to Frederator Studios


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