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eBay Celebrates 25 Years: Iconic Cultural Moments That Shaped Sho…

Editor’s note: To celebrate our 25th anniversary at eBay, our four-part series takes a look at shopping over the last quarter century on our marketplace. 

Thanks to its millions of shoppers worldwide, eBay has become a barometer of sorts when it comes to major cultural moments. Whether it’s tech, fashion, home decor or collectibles, if it’s trending in the world, it’s trending on eBay. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of its founding, eBay looked back at the top trends and events that shaped the platform every year since the very beginning. 

From the advent of the blackberry to fidget spinners and Game of Thrones, here are trends that influenced online shopping on from 1995 to today. 

Iconic Moments

For a closer look at shopping on eBay over the last two-and-a-half decades, check out blogs on the 25 Most Expensive & Interesting Purchases, 25 Years of Collecting, and 25 Years of Passions and Interests. 

For more on eBay’s anniversary celebration, follow @eBay on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  

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