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These are the tips that I used to get 14 signups in my business in February 2014!

This is the business for everyone! A business that does not require recruiting to make money!
I am part of one of the largest and most successful groups in DS Domination, the Unit of Prosperity! When you join our team you will receive a FREE marketing system, FREE blogging platform, FREE custom landing pages, FREE team training on and so much more!

When you join with me, you will also receive a eBay customized spreadsheet that you calculate your profits margins! Don’t worry about the math! I got you covered! This spreadsheet can be used to track your stats for the year! This will make tax time 2015 a breeze!

Well what is DS Domination? In this review I will give a honest review of DS Domination (Drop Shop Domination = (DSD)). If you know anything about me, I am a Global Operational Product Manager. One of my main responsibilities is drop shipping product from my warehouse to distributors all over the world to sell to the end customers

DS Domination Review
Drop shipping on eBay is a very simple concept defined as:
1. The dropshipper (reseller) lists the items on eBay.
2. Someone purchase your product (bidding or direct buy)
3. The purchase price includes a % markup
4. The buyer pays for the item including shipping fees via PayPal.
5. Reseller purchases the product from the dropshipper
6. The dropshipper sends the product to the buyer.
With this process the reseller never actually owns the product, which makes DS Domination an ideal program for individuals. Here is a brief over of the eBay dropshipping concept

DSD teaches you how to drop using several platforms the first being eBay. There are is a video training course There are four (4) levels of training.

*Get Started For $19.95 — Pro Level

1. 19 module to help US and international customers setup their eBay account and to start listing product.
2. Learn how to find items that are selling and price them appropriately for sale.
3. Commissions will vary based on product mark up.
4. The training will show you how to find frequent selling product.
5. Also receive propriety software to help you build your eBay store in and increase sales such as a product scraper and title optimizer.
6. Weekly webinars with Roger, the CEO of the company, to give you more tips how to sell our product on eBay.

*Elite Level:
1. Additional dropshippers will be introduced in this section
2. Average commission is between $50-$20
3. Also receive propriety software to help you build your eBay store in and increase sales.
4. Learn learn how to leverage eBay in other international markets.
5. Learn how to sell on Google!
6. Learn how to take an extra vacation a year just by using our dropshippers.
7. NEW!! Amazon price checker to help you monitor the price and profits!
8. Weekly Elite training my Roger to help you get better results in your business.

1. This level completely blew my mind – it caused me to redo most of my listings! Cha-Ching
2. More dropshippers that will but you 100% ahead of your competition
3. An additional product scraper that scrapes multiple sources to help determine the profitability of a product.

This is where you ultimately want to be! This module will show you how to sell on Amazon. Why is this soo powerful, well there is less competition. At this level you profits will soar and your commissions! The profit margins are so significant that this is the level is a must in DSD!

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