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Affiliate Marketing Tips – How To Make A Consistent Income With A…

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Affiliate Marketing Tips – How To Generate A Consistent Income With Affiliate Marketing

I’ve recently noticed that many affiliate marketing “gurus” are claiming that since they had one $30,000 month it means they are always making a consistent 30k per month.

I wanted to create this video to shed some light on what it really takes to create a consistent income with affiliate marketing.

I’ve often said things that are concepts and ideas repeated by other “experts” in the field instead of finding out for myself. As I’ve grown in my journey over the past 4 years of doing this full time I’ve realized that much of what I heard wasn’t true.

I was made promises that If I purchased X amount of traffic it would convert in a certain amount of sales.

Or the importance of getting $1 leads or lower.

I hope this video enlightens you to the idea of what it really takes to generate a consistent income with affiliate marketing.

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