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8 Tips for selling game consoles for beginners on ebay…

In this video I outline why there’s large demand right now for retro and last generations consoles. Hot consoles at the moment : N64, nintendo switch, 3ds, wii, SNES, NES, PS1, PS2, Xbox 360
1. Include video and power cords, as well as controllers 1:50
2. Test the console before listing 1:54
3. Bundle a game so the buyer can play as soon as they get the package 2:01
4. Packing the console securely (tape thoroughly, add lots of bubble wrap so nothing moves around and breaks or gets smashed in transit) 2:11
5. Tidy up the appearance of the console if possible (Clean dirt and pins) 2:56
6. Compare console sold prices on ebay or other platforms. Make sure to factor in the high price of shipping heavy packages 3:21
7. Consoles can sell for parts even if broken! Extra controllers, cords and accessories can also sell for decent money! 5:47
8. Measure and weigh shipping box so you know how much it will cost to ship 6:00

Items you can use to ship consoles can be found here
Sticker Shipping labels I use
Packing Tape
Brave Browser (The browser I used in the video)

If you want to know more about selling Games on ebay

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