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6 Genius Tips for Making the Most Money Selling on eBay…

Whether you’re inspired by Marie Kondo’s tidying up mentality or you just want to make some extra cash, using resale sites and apps is basically a no-brainer. Last month, I got an expert’s advice on the specific bags that have the highest resale value—spoiler alert: Hermès made the list—but I wanted to take it one step further and get guidance on exactly how to sell items to maximize profits. I tapped an expert at eBay to get the scoop and came away with more than a few helpful hints. 

Overall, I learned that the devil is in the details when listing on eBay. Overlooking your seller rating, the listing title, and the price point are all mistakes that could cost you some serious cash. “The better your rating as a seller, the more inclined buyers will be to shop—and become returning customers,” eBay Fashion’s senior director, Renee Paradise, told Who What Wear. “Be prepared to answer buyers’ questions and ship sold items quickly to generate positive feedback and boost your reputation as a seller.” Sounds easy enough, right? Scroll down for six tips on how to make the most money selling on eBay. 

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